Battlefield 1942

Battlefield 1942

OK, I've been playing this game for a little bit to get the hang of it. Not the most realistic game. You have to look at TAcops for those, but kind of like Doom plus a little realism. Here's a good list of hints that I've found:

  • Battlefield 1942 Hints. The basic hints. Also has many of the hints on the official EA page
  • Evil Empire Blog. A highly rated blog about gaming. With great entires on hints
  • Battlefield Central. An of course there is an entire site devote to just Battlefield 1942. Wow.
  • Top 100. And a server that does nothing but keep track of the top 100 related sites
  • Desert Combat. A mod to Battlefield 1942 that updates you to modern times. Drive an M1A2 Abrahms tank. cool.
  • Conflict in Somalia. Another supposedly realistic mod. Sounds cool to try.
  • Mod Database. In fact, there is actually a web site with nothing but mods on it. Amazing

Here's a list of tips on playing the game

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