Gamer Hardware


Now that I'm back into gaming, you kind of really need that high end hardware. Interesting to note that I'll spend about 10x more for gaming stuff as I would personal productivity and about 5x more for digital photography and movies. Maybe that's a hint about where the consumer business really is. In any case, here are the additions I've researched. I do have a pretty fast machine, a Shuttle 51G with 2.4GHz and 512MB of DDR333 Ram plus a 120GB 8MB cache hard drive, so all that's needed are these extras:

  • PC Magazine Gaming Hardware REview. They really like the Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar. It's interesting that this page *doesn't* come up when you type in google for joystick reviews. Probably a google indexing problem given the strange URL PC Magazine has.
  • Joystick. Also know more generally as game controllers. Since I last bought in 1999, these have really advanced and I would never have thought someone would actually have a dedicated site reviewing them. Naturally, going digital with the most realistic stick is what I'd love to do.
  • Toms' Hardware Guide to Joysticks and Wheels. A good overview of the new technology. Says that the Microsoft Sidewinder is tops in force feedback. Logitech is tops if you don't need force feedback. Though if you want a cheaper joystick, but not cordless, the Thrustmaster Top Gun Fox 2 Pro at $30 is what you should choose. I think I'm a Top Gun man.