Mitsubishi Promise Module

Mitsubishi Promise Module

More indepth look at the decision on getting the right over-the-air set-top-box. Here are relevant links:
* Home Theater SPOT!. This is the debate about the Promise module for the Mitsubishi. It has an OTA tuner built-in, but costs $1K. Main advantage is the Firewire-5C for connecting with all digital copy protected settop boxes.
* "Digital Inputs Firewire-5C vs. DVD-HDCP": There is much debate about which input is going to become standard. Relevant since Promise only has one sort. Says that the "Samsung T165": and the upcoming new "JVC DishPVR 921": will have both outputs and will be available later in 2003.
* "Seattle Cable HDTV": Must be the most underpublicized program in history. AT&T has had HD Cable for SHO and HBO for a year and no one talks about it.
Other good sites for over-the-air work:
* "AntennaWeb" A great site that will tell you where the high definition TV signals are.
* "Titan TV": A great list of current HDTV programs on the air right now.

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  1. Broken Promise. They said the module or the upgrades would be resonable. Ha very funny 1,000 dollars to get the TV to work the way it’s supposed to? I would consider that a broken promise.

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