Summer 2003 Movies: The Matrix and The Terminator

Summer 2003 Movies: The Matrix and The Terminator

I am in fat city. With all the depressing economic and political news. It is nice to be able to escape. This has just been an incredible year for my kind of movies. First of course has been Lord of the Rings. I could watch it 100 times in Paul Allen's Cinerama. But, look what's coming:
* "The Matrix Reloaded": Wow, what a web site and what a set of previews. It is starting May 15 and the IMAX (if you can believe it IMAX) version is coming out June 6 (D-Day). I can't wait. According to "Greg": At the end of the trailer for the final Matrix episode. There is a God! You should see the 60MB trailer in Quicktime 6. Amazing. Unlike T3, this one looks like it pushed the story farther. There is Agent Smith 2.0, the Twins, wow!
* "Terminator 3": Probably my favorite movie of all time. This next sequel include Claire Danes. A favorite actress of mine. Only problem is that (unlike the Matrix), the trailer makes this look like almost an exact remake of T2 rather than moving the story forward. I think what makes these things work is when the story actually moves forward like Lord of the Rings or The Matrix (hopefully). Any way according to "The Unofficial T3 Site";, this opens July 2.


  1. Great! I see another couple of off-sites coming up for our little crew !! I am so looking forward to these two too (tutu ?)

  2. The great thing is that in Seattle, we have easy ways to see it:
    Pacific Science Center
    Both have online ticket systems!

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