Breaking the 100 meter barrier


I'm trying to get a run down about "100 meters": down our hill. The main issue is that there are plenty of limitations of Fast Ethernet (technically called 100BaseT). So I've been looking at alternatives:
h4. Using Fiber Optic Cable.
This option basically means upgrading to a 1Gb link (wow!) CABLExpress Technologies - The Network. This goes through how to convert. One thing about going to Gigabit Ethernet (a.k.a. 1000BaseFX) over Fiber is that it works out to over "200 meters":
You would then need:
* "Netgear FS509": This has 8 Fast Ethernet ports plus a Gigabit uplink. It is about $500.
* "Netgear GC 102 Gigabit Ethernet Converter": This $200 box converts a fiber optic gigabit ethernet into twisted pair ethernet.
* "Netgear "GS104": This baby has 4 1000BaseT autosensing ports for about $250. This means that you can have your own little 1GB network now. Cool. Only problem is the wiring in our house is Cat-5 and you really need Cat-5e or Cat-6. Drat.
* Two fiber cable pulls to make sure that it really works. Incremental cost is roughly $150 per pull for 500 feet.
That brings the total to something like $1,300, but you do get a full gigabit.
An alternative is to go with Linksys:
* "100BaseFX SC Fiber Module": This provides only 100Mbps per it is cheaper than the 1GBps I think. You can plug this into the following switches. "PC Connection": has this for $105.
* "Etherfast 3116 16-Port Switch": This is a 16 port switch for "$104": There is also a 24 port one around.
* "Etherfast EF2S24": This is a switch that for $284 that uses a $83 fiber uplink called the "SC fiber connector for 100BaseFX Fiber Ethernet":
So, net, net, from Linksys, you can have both ends for about $400 total with 100Mbps. A more economical solution.
h4. Wireless Ethernet
So what if you like cantennas and can see the two buildings. Here is how it would work:
* "Netgear WG602": This is a $140 access point running at 54Mbps. Need a pair of these of course
* Cantenna. Need to mount a cantenna where you can see the two buildings and not have it be too ugly too. On one side this is easy, just point it down from an office. On the other side, it is living space, so I'll have to think about this. Maybe an antenna on a pole. Cost to build and mount, say $200.
The net here is that I need wireless access anyway in the lower building. The throughput is only 54Mbps, but I'm not running servers down there. Also, if I need more, I'm pretty sure you can have more APs and use some other channels. I'll have to ask Adrian about that. So, perhaps I can add another 54Mbps as needed.
Another alternative