Calvin's Project: Aztecs and Mayans

Calvin's Project: Aztecs and Mayans

Calvin's project this year are Aztecs and Mayans. He started with some basic questions he made up himself including:
# How many gods do they believe in?
# Where did they worship?
Here are some of the places he looked:
* Google Search: mayan temple. Some fantastic pictures of Mayan temples
* "Aztec Temples": Same for Aztec Temples.
* "Aztec and Mayan Gods": An incredible list of Aztec and Mayan Gods.
* "Huitzilopochtli": The head god himself.
* "Human Sacrifices": The most incredible part of the story was the regularity of human sacrifices. Nearly 20,000 people per year.


  1. Im sorry to bother u but i notes that u didnt say anything about the family life of the aztecs or the culture and climate i think that u might be able to squeeze some info. on that in to ur web site THANX: SHAQ

  2. You are right. We didn’t really need to cover that for Calvin’s report. Sorry about that. The stuff on the gods was the focus.

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