PowerDVD Update

CyberLink Patch Files. Yet another update for the DVD player on my machine. For some reason PowerDVD works, but nothing else can play a DVD. Not Real, Windows Media Player or Interactual. Feels like a codec got blown away.

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  1. Omar Avatar

    I have that same problem about PowerDVD. It plays DVD’s fine, but try to play a DVD on anything else,(in this case, Windows Media Player), and there’s video, but no audio? Do I need to uninstall PowerDVD completely for WMP to function normally? How did you solve your problem? I already did all the reinstall, codec, etc, but still no audio. Please help?!

  2. Chaps Avatar

    Try (my) PowerDVD PLS Fix @ http://www.chapsscript.de

  3. Rich Tong Avatar

    Hmm, Julian and Gunji, I haven’t had either problem with PowerDVD XP. I don’t know about version 4. Hard to say without knowing your configuration what is going on.
    Gunji, I don’t know where these playlists are on PowerDVD XP, the only version I know doesn’t seem to have playlists so I’m afraid I can’t help much.

  4. Gunji Avatar

    Everytime I watch a file whith power dvd whithout cleaning the playlist before I quit, the program generate a default playlist file in the directory involved. Impossible to disactivate this option that always copy thousands of default.pls everywhere on my disk!

  5. Julian Avatar

    PowerDVD4 freezes when I start it. It’s an OEM
    german version.

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