Exchange Rate Depression

With the drop in the dollar. All my favorite overseas places are not longer price competitive. The pound when from $1.44 to $1.69 overnight. So, in buying things, you can either get them for list price from “Excel”: or you can get some discount from “Licktons”: I am not haunting the ebay auctions more too.
Here are some parts I’ve been looking at:
* Campagnolo Record 2000 6 Steel/4 Titanium 10sp Cassette. Need some more cassettes given the different wheelsets I have. Right now I’ve worn my 12-25. So only have a single 11-23. Need another 12-25 and probably a backup 11-23. Price is $149 at Lickton’s. List it $159.
* “Wheels Manufacturing 10-Speed”: I have one Shimano-hub Mavic Ksyrium, but don’t like the shifting performance of the Mavic M10 Campy-compatible 12-23 that I have. These are Wheel Manufacturing remanufactured Shimano cassettes. $184, so it is more than same a Campy cassette for Duraace.]
* “Campagnolo Chorus Medium Cage”: This is $120 and is a medium cage, so can take up to 29T back cogs.
* “Wippermann Connex 10-speed Chain”: Heard from several folks this was a better chain than the stock Campagnolo. It is stainless steel nickel and should last longer. Weights about an ounce more. 292 grams vs. 279 grams.

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