Firmware 1.0C Update. Doesn’t seem to be well documented, but the DRU-510A CD-RW and DVD-RW drive. I got my dad had terrible problems with hanging Windows XP. I finally in desperation updated it to the 1.0c firmware and the latest version of Nero. Seems to work now, so you are warned. If you have this hardware, you are warned. The main thing that is confusing is that you have to flip the drive into PIO mode. You do this you need to:
# Choose Start/Control Panel and click on Switch to Classic View.
# Choose Administrative Tools/Computer Manager/Device Manager
# Choose View/Devices by Connection
# Then go down through the tree of connections. On my machines, click through ACPI Uniprocessor PC/Microsoft ACPI Compliant System/PCI Bus/SiS PCI IDE Controller/Secondary IDE Channel/Sony DRU-510A Drive. Your system, will look different, so search for that DRU-510A Drive. Then you go to the IDE channel above it.
# Right Click on the Channel and choose Properties. Click on the Advanced Settings Tab. This is where the PIO settings are kept and you should find the Device 0 or Device 1 depending on which the Sony is. Then go to Transfer Mode and choose “PIO Only”
Also, make sure that you then flip the thing back to DMA mode when you are done and you are asked to reboot.

7 responses to “Sony DRU-510A Required Update for Windows XP”

  1. Rich Tong Avatar

    Generally, folks say, if the DVD isn’t broken, then you don’t need to take the risk of upgrading the firmware, so Jason, I wouldn’t upgrade it.
    For DVD-Rs, most folks will use them because they cost less, but DVD+R’s are more compatible. The main drawback to DVD-Rs is that they are slow to write. They have to finalized, whereas DVD+Rs are faster.
    So, if you don’t mind the slightly higher price, most folks use DVD+Rs. That’s what I do.

  2. Jason Avatar

    I have a DRU 510A and love it. I used to heave Windows 98 Second Edition and just installed a fresh copy od XP. I use DVDX Copy Platinum to back-up my DVD’s. I was using it just fine with Windows 98. When I upgraded to XP I was having many problems with an error that read “Delayed write failed”. I don’t seem to be having the problem now however (knock on wood). Should I update my firmware or not.
    Also, I currently use TDK DVD+R’s, should I use DVD-R’s? Do they burn faster? Are there any drawbacks to -R’s. Thanks for your thoughts!

  3. stefano Avatar

    I bought my dru510a in japan and I didn’ have any of the problem you have mentioned maybe I’m only lucky

  4. Rich Tong Avatar

    I wouldn’t update anything if I didn’t have to. I just did this because of poor performance under Windows XP. So, don’t fix if you can help it. The only thing that it reports is that with the update you should be able to write at 4x. I haven’t confirmed this. I’ve found this to be very media dependent, so if you are writing at 4x, then don’t change.
    Read speeds don’t seem to be affected.

  5. skute Avatar

    i have the dru510A as well, and am wondering if i should update the firmware? i have minimal problems w/ it, but am wondering if any of you have noticed improved read/write speeds. i “dont want to fix something if it isn’t broke” so to speak.

  6. Rich Tong Avatar

    You’re welcome. Glad it was helpful Stefan!

  7. stefan Avatar

    to rich:
    thx for the hint, it was very useful
    greetings from switzerland

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