Sony DRU-120A Won't Read DVD9 anymore

Sony DRU-120A Won't Read DVD9 anymore

The firmware page :: View topic - Sony DRU120A unusable after firmware upgrade. Yuck, I have this exact problem now. I used to be able to read double density DVD9s with the original firmware (1.13, thank goodness I backed up), but now with 1.51, it doesn't read them. A DVD9 BTW is a double layer DVD with 9GB of storage vs. the 4.7GB in a single layer.
So, Ice Age is now invisible to my PC. No resolution I've been able to find. Main hope now is that Firmware flash forum has a way to load new firmware into the Sony to revert it to a Ricoh DVD Recorder. Hopefully this fixes the bitset compatibility problem and alllows dual layer DVD reading. It is amazing to me that Sony products are this bad. So much for reputation. I probably should have gotten the Pioner equivalents.

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    Rich is digging into DVD burning problems — Tong Family Blog: Sony DRU-120A Won’t Read DVD9 anymore — this is just one of several posts. Man it sounds like a pain. I know that I have given up on DVD…

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