Lance lost 6 Kilos at Stage 12

Lance lost 6 Kilos at Stage 12

VeloNews: Chris Carmichael on Lance and the Time Trial. _Wow, hard to imagine someone who weighs 158 pounds dropping nearly 13 pounds in one day!_
Lance Armstrong lost about 6 kilograms of fluid weight between the morning of stage-12 and the end of the stage-12 time trial, and also lost 1:36 to Jan Ullrich during that same time period. Losing 2 percent of your body weight due to dehydration leads to a 10-15 percent drop in performance, and Lance lost 8 percent.
Lance consumed a lot of water and sports drink throughout last evening and the morning of Stage 13. Even though his waking body weight (measured after using the bathroom) was nearly normal, he knew it would be one more day before he regained all his power. During stage 13, he rode carefully and tried to conserve energy wherever he could. All things considered, Lance put in a great performance to finish stage 13 only seven seconds behind Jan Ullrich, and to pass Alexander Vinokourov in the last 500 meters.


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  2. There are actually quite a few professional bike riders doing diaries, if not quite blogs particularly for the tour de france. You can find chris carmichael on “OLN”:, also there are quite a few riders with diaries as well. AGain, not really blogs.
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