BIG MOVIE ZONE. Use this quite a lot for figuring out what IMAX films to take the kids to. Their reviews seem to track pretty well with what we’ve thought. Here’s a quick review of recent IMAX movies we’ve watched. Both at the theaters on DVDs via Netflix:
* Mount Everest. Awesome. This is an A+ movie. Has the drama of an actual ascent up Everest and you have to see the view from Everest in IMAX to believe it. Also the human drama of observing people dying up there as documented in _Into Thin Air_ (an incredible book).
* Space Station 3-D. For us technology lovers, what could be better than actual footage shot from the International Space Station in 3-D no less. Another A+
* Pulse by Stomp. The music was incredible in this music documentary of sounds around the world. The African scenes were great. It was too bad the Japanese drummers were so short. Stomp itself is an incredible group. Grade A.
* The Human Body. Kind of cool to see your insides at six stories high. The pimple scene was incredibly gross, but it was interesting. Grade B+.
* Thrilling Rides. This was a fantastic view of riding roller coasters, but then becomes a review of CGI motion rides which were frankly not very inspiring. Didn’t feel real at that size of film. Grade B.
* Jane Goodall. Was kind of interesting, but really didn’t take advantage of the format. Grade C.

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