Amazon Ego-Surfing


Joi Ito's Web: Ego-surfing on Amazon search inside the book. Joi Ito points out that you can now "ego-surf" on Amazon so you can see your name in books. They have indexed 120,000 books.
So, I could resist. Here are searches for "Rich Tong": at Amazon. Actually came up with three hits that I didn't even realize were memorialized:
# "Business at the speed of thought": There is a story about the answer tracking application thing we did. Answering 90% of all field questions in 48 hours. A great project.
# "Breaking Windows": Somehow David Banks found a memo I wrote about the low reputation Windows suffered at the time. Honesty I think is always the best policy.
# "World War 3.0": Ken Auletta's book about folks leaving Microsoft and I even get a mention.
BTW, I also looked up "Steve Hooper": He's got two good references. "Cameron Myhrvold": He's got two.
"Brad Silverberg": gets 23 references!
Unfortunately, other Ignition names are too common to really see if they are in Amazon books.
Since we're at it, this blog is the #2 blog when you search google for "Tong": Getting closer to the top although I notice that John Ludwig now has a 6 page rank. ANd he's the 18th Ludwig in a google search now.