Acura MDX Pricing

Acura MDX Pricing

Acura MDX Build and Price (Summary). OK, the list price of an MDX 2004 is:
| | MSRP |
| Touring + Navigation + DVD | $42700 |
| Destination | $545 |
| Total | $43245 |
There are some extras of course:
| Floor Mats | $117 |
| CD Changer | $432 |
| CD Attachment | $67 |
| Acccessories | $616 |
And of course sales tax. Most folks in Seattle are charging above this, although on the Internet, you can get the Internet rep to sell it for list price
It's interesting to see the profit margins. These are from "Car Prices": for the 2003 model, but basically, the price went up $700, but the shape of the discount structure is similar:
| | MSRP | Invoice | Freight | Hold-back | Base Cost|
| Touring w/navigation | $40,500.00 | $36,482.00 | $500.00 | $1,215.00 | $35,767.00 |
| Touring w/navigation system and DVD | $42,000.00 | $37,832.00 | $500.00 | $1,260.00 | $37,072.00 |
So they are earning a 12% margin or $3,317 per car. Wow, nice that it is hard to get. Some of course sell it for above list price.
"Autobytel":;4 also has a complete list of dealer incentives for various cars. The Acura's are of course not among them 🙂
"Edmunds":*&zip=98004 has a great true cost to own that shows first year depreciation at $7K dropping to $4K the next year. Shows why buying a 1-2 year old car is so great. By year 2, it is nearly $11K lower in cost. Hmmm. Maybe I should look for a 2003 MDX?
"Future of MDX": According to Consumer Guide, they'll update it in 2006 with a more powerful engine. Also, they note that its sister is the Honda Pilot and the Pilot is roomier (but uglier) with 8 seats not 7.
So, what's a person to do? Look at used 2003 Acura MDX if you can find them. Around $37,000 or convince Connie the Pilot isn't that bad 🙂 The Pilot with a Navigation system is EX-L 4-door wagon w/navigation system in 2003 listed for $32,520.00 with a dealer cost of $29,254.00, destination charge of $460.00 and a hold back of $975.60 so actual dealer cost is $28,738.40. "Edmonds":* has a true cost to own of 37K over five years.
Right now, the top of the line Pilot (according to "Edmunds":*&zip=98004) is selling for about $200 under MSRP (not a big discount) at $33,168 vs. $33,360 for the same Sage Brush Pearl she likes. According to "Car Price" this car also has a margin of about 12% like the Acura MDX or a nice $3,782 in profit.
Negatives are that it doesn't have side or curtain air bags and it is much boxier, so roomier, but not as pretty. As "Consumer Guide": says, it won't get updated to 2008. The Pilot costs far less than the MDX and has different styling. But the two share a chassis, V6 engine, 5-speed automatic transmission, and all-wheel-drive system. Pilot's body is slightly shorter than MDX's, but the taller, wider Honda seats eight vs. MDX's seven and has 8.8 cu ft more cargo volume. It also has softer suspension tuning and 16-inch wheels vs. 17s.


  1. I was able to get a price quote over the net for $2,000 over invoice on an MDX with DVD in the chicago area. I talked to my salesperson and believe I’ll be able to get a unit around $750 over cost.
    Enjoyed your comments- I think the Acura will hold it’s value better than the Honda, but it’s kind of relative – haven’t looked at residual values that closely.

  2. Wow, if you can get it for a true $750 over cost, go for it. I got ours for $2,000 over cost. Hopefully, the high gas prices will cause cars like this to drop in value.
    I haven’t looked at residuals only, but Connie sure loves the Acura!

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