Movable Type Anti-spam


MT-Blacklist - A Movable Type Anti-spam Plugin. Spam is completely out of control on comments now. But, help is on the way thanks for Jay Allen. Installing it now and it seems to work pretty well, although the regex database misses things of course. I'm going to also look for something that does a comment reply before doing a post. That seems like a another good way to allow this, so there is always a valid email, then you can apply the filter.
I've installed this now on He's quite smart in the way that he searchs for regular expressions because you can't just stuff raw HTML (at least in my blog) to obscure things. Also the idea of looking at the URLs that are punched in is smart. Would be very nice if it automatically updated its list of bad addresses, but it doesn't quite yet.
And of course since it replaces trackback and comment functions, it has to get updated on every update to Movable Type. This anti-spam stuff should just be a feature.