Compaq Evo 400c


HP | CONFIGURATION. We have an old Compaq Evo 400c that I use quite a bit. One the quandaries is that when we got it, we didn’t get every accessory to save money, but now it would be nice to have a CD drive for instance when it crashes. Of course these are expensive as the HP configurator shows. Heres a list of parts:
| part # | description | unit price | comment
| 286255-B25 | Mobile Expansion Unit N410c | $199.00 | So you can boot from a CD |
| DF928A | 5GB PCMCIA Hard Drive | $249.00 | Can this boot from a PCMCIA hard drive, good question |
| 293343-B25 | 4 Cell Li-Ion Primary Battery (n400c/n410c) | $149.00 | The battery is shot, so at least need this |
| 236309-B25 | 4 Cell Secondary Lithium-ion Battery (External) | $179.00 | I think this one is still good |
| DC303B | 90W Auto Adapter/Charger | $79.00 | Do I need this or can I use a universal charger |
| 269089-B25 | MultiBay Drives, 24X DVD/CD-RW | $199.00 | So it is $400 just to have a CD player for this |
The minimum that I need is a new internal battery and something that lets me plug into the airplane. This thing require 18.5 volts so it is an odd voltage for a universal charger, so that would mean having to buy the HP version DC303B at $80 just to be able to run it on a plane. Ugh.