Xvid Settings (Con't)


Sectie B & D: Hoe MP3, DivX maken. Well, I tried some new Xvid settings and now the second pass won't work. Here are some more recommendations. I'll give these a try. This is true since Xvid defaults are single pass, so you have to understand something about what to set. This is also probably the best description of what the Xvid settings mean for the non-techie

_Hat tip to Sectie_
Gordian Knot - tab "Options" - Xvid default codec settings
Press the button First Pass
Encoding Mode : "2 Pass ? 1st pass" button "Advanced options... "
tab Global
Motion search precision : recommended = 6 ? Ultra High
A higher value gives better quality at the expense of encoding-speed.
6 gives best quality; 5 ? Very High is also good, but don'tb select anything less!
Quantization type : recommended values
- H.263 for a ?softer? image; for encodings with a lower bitrate (<900 kBit/s) what usually is the case for 1 CD encodings - MPEG for 'sharper' image; for encodings with a high bitrate (>900 kBit/s), usually for 2/3 CD encodings (at the expense of encoding speed)
FourCC used (Four Character Code): recommended = XVID
VHQ mode : recommended = VHQ 1 for everyday use
VHQ can be used to give more compressibility (at the expense of encoding speed)
VHQ 0 ? no VHQ (fastest): do not use
VHQ 1 gives the best quality/speed
VHQ 2,3,4 give better results but need a lot more encoding tims!
Do not use VHQ together with GMC.
Maximum I-frame interval : recommended =
source = 25.000 FPS -> 250
source = 23.976 FPS -> 240
source = 29.970 FPS -> 300
This value determines the max number of frames between I-frames (= keyframes). These recommended values give you at least 1 I-frame every 10 sec. You may lower this to 5 sec. but not lower.
Minimum I-frame interval : recommended = 1
lumi masking : no
Interlacing : only use this if the source is interlaced
Quarterpel : no
Greyscale : only use this for b/w movies
chroma motion: yes
Global Motion Compensation : no
Maximum B-frames : recommended = 2 (or 0)
-1 = no B-frames
0 = new I/P/B-decision routine of Syskin (experimental)
1 = same as DivX 5 Pro
Do not go higher than 2!
B-frame quantizer ratio : recommended = 150
B-frame quantizer offset : recommended = 75
B-frame threshold : recommended = 0 for 2 CD rips (> 900 kBit/s) and 40 for 1 CD rips ( < 900 kBit/s) DX50 B-VOP compatibility : yes Packed bitstream : no Print debug info on each frame : no tab Quantization / Two Pass / Alt.Curve / Credits : keep standard settings tab Debug Chroma Optimizer : yes Use Trellis R-D quantisation : no Click OK to save these settings. Then choose the button Second Pass in GKnot. Now select Encoding Mode -> "2 Pass ? 2nd pass Int"
button "Advanced options... " and make sure the same settings as for the 1st Pass are used!