Ski Shopping

With all this great snow, I’ve been looking for skis. Missed most of the sales, so I’m off trolling the web. Here are some interesting sites for the Volkl 724 Pro and Rossignol Bandit B2 I’ve been looking at:
* 724 Pro Skis by Volkl. Says they have these on sale, but you have to call. $649 which is a good price over the typical $849 list price.
* “Rossignol B2”: Notes from the Road another site. $670 in Utah.
* “US Outdoor Volkl 724 Pro”: $790 with Motion Piston 1200 bindings.
h4. Ski Rentals
“Ski Rentals”: Of course, the best way to buy skis is to try them on the slopes and buy them from the local ski shop vs. online. Just like bicycles, support your local shops if you can. Anyway, here’s a great idea. These folks let you rent super high quality skis in France, Italy and Austria. So you don’t have to carry them all the way overseas. Nice idea.
h4. Used Skis
“Evogear”: Maybe a good idea is to get a pair of used skis. They have the Rossignol Bandit B2 for $600 with Rossignol 120 bindings used for $700. These guys are based in Seattle. Another great idea.
As an example, the “2003 Salomon Scream Pilot 10”: was regularly $1,200 list but they are selling for $559 with bindings as a premium used model. Wow, that is a great deal. And, they include actual “photos”: of the model.

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