Skiing and Knees


I guess it had to happen. Helping Grace out, one ski got caught under herr and the other went the other way. Nice new skis with the bindings set way to tight. Rip and the next thing you know, on your back down a sled with a torn something. Here are all the sites I've looked up as I contemplate knee surgery. Sigh 🙁
* Knee Problems -- A nice flow chart anyone can follow. Says something is torn 🙁
* "Knee Ligament Injuries": I'm the textbook case for an ACL. No pain and then 48 hours later swelling, plus, the knee feels like it slides forward unless I really concentrate 🙁
As a layman, boy this knee sure looks poorly designed. Got to talk to the guy. I'm so curious how we evolutionarily got to such an unstable joint. It is like chewing gum and bailing wire. OK, so I'm all torn up, here's a list of sites that can tell you how to fix it:
* "Stone Clinic": Hey i sound like the textbook case. Ankle and tibia fractures are down 86-88% in skiing, but ACL tears are up 178%. Why? The binding can't detect the femur rotating (makes sense, the binding is way down at the foot). So, ACL is essentially amputated by the rotation. Ugh, I feel nauseous. Median age is 38 too. _Newer techniques of surgical intervention can save the patient's torn ligament strands and incorporate them into a primary repair of the ligament or a reconstruction using a portion of the patient's patellar tendon. The techniques are ideal for the skier as they preserve the normal anatomy of the cruciate and use tissue from the patient that heals back to its original strength._ Have to learn more about that. Most folks I know (5 and counting used a cadaver's ACL instead of their hamstring).

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  1. So for a laugh I went up on your blog to see if you had put up a piece about your knee and lo and behold you had !!! We are excited to read doctors reviews, best operating theatre hardware guides and the effects of various painkillers !
    Debs and I can do ACL surgery if that’s any help.
    Seriously, hope you are comfortable and getting around as much as poss.

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