Mac Flac and Bit Torrent


Here are some more tools that I've been using:
* "Mac Flac": Flac is a lossless compression format for compressing CDs.
* "Bit Torrent": This is a pretty cool file download system. The client is a little strange as it is the usual obscure user interface.
* "Experimental": When you download experimental, you get a user interface that let's you download and then you can also share. Most folks recommend this client. Nice UI. A little strange in that it only does download and not search
* "Bit Torrent Search": Do a google search because you need to find .torrent files that tell you where things are. There are lots of garage bands and things about. There isn't a central directory. There are things called torrent servers that list where various files are and how to get them. they bounce up and down quite a bit, but there are search engines around. I also used isohunt with good effect.