Ultimate Boot CD

Ultimate Boot CD. Wow, what a great idea, here is a CD image of a bootable CD with everything on it. I tried to use Bart’s Boot CD stuff, but the script fails mysteriously. This is a better idea since it has everything on it already. A 56MB image.

3 responses to “Ultimate Boot CD”

  1. 蕭瑋伶 Avatar

    I want update Utimate Boot CD

  2. a little ludwig goes a long way Avatar

    Ultimate Boot CD
    Nice pointer from rich — Tong Family Blog: Ultimate Boot CD — every tool you need here to whack on a system as you build/debug it….

  3. Plato Avatar

    Try this on for size: http://www.t4k.org/~ebcd/
    Been using it for quite a while and it’s immensely powerful. Just stumbled on your blog because of your mentioning of 19″ LCD’s.. hard to find good reviews these days. Let me know what you ended up with!

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