Ogg and Opera for the mac


Always looking to duplicate environments. now I need Ogg Vorbis and Xvid on the mac so that I can watch all those .OGM movies I've made. here's the first step:
* "Oggdrop":http://www.nouturn.com/oggdrop/. Ogg Vorbis for the mac.
* "Opera":http://opera.com for the Mac as well. now this needs java, so I'll need that too!
Ogg players. Here's a list. I haven't vetted them...
* "Audion":http://www.panic.com
* "Mint Audio":http://www.unsanity.com
* "Mac Amp Lite":http://www.macamplite.com
* "Unsanity Echo":http://www.unsanity.com
* "QuickTime Component":http://qtcomponents.sourceforge.net/