Home Theater Update


Well, now that the Onkyo is back, time to get the downstairs system working and also to get the outside speakers on line. Here is what I need. Thanks also to Steve for some other choices:
* "Outlaw 7100":http://www.outlawaudio.com/products/7100.html. A very reasonable $800 for a 7 channel 100-watt per channel amplifier. I need six channels worth in the rec room. We have two pairs of Axiom Audio M22tis, a pair of in ceiling paradigms and a pair of outdoor speakers.
* "Parasound Halo Pb 3":http://www.audiorevolution.com/equip/halo/index.html. I need a low cost two channel pre-amp.. The folks at Audio Revolution like this one. It just needs to take digital input from a CD player and an MP3 tuner, looks like it is analog input only. Oh well and $800
* "Onkyo TX-NR801":http://www.ecoustics.com/bbs/messages/1/9839.html. This is a 7.1 reciever with 100 watt output and it can play MP3 over the internet. Pretty cool. About $900 ofor all of it.
Alternatives for speakers:
* "Axiom Audio": . Got these for Connie's rec room.Very reasonable price and they sound good too. Now need a set of left, center, right for a mini-home theater. Good reviews at "Audio Revolution":http://www.audiorevolution.com/equip/axiomepicgrand/. Good ones are the M22ti for left and right and VP100 for center. They'll need stands too. This room is small, so don't need a subwoofer and even "Ask Men":http://www.askmen.com/toys/mrtech_60/86_tech_gadgets.html like them. Also they are like at "Audio Review":http://www.audioreview.com/Axiom+Speaker+Company/MCL_1225crx.aspx where the M3Ti is particularly popular
* "AV123":http://av123.com. Another internet-only shop. Got good reviews from folks on their quality. People seem to like their Rockets. They have a pair similar to the M3Ti for about the same price.
* "Ascend Acoustics":http://www.ascendacoustics.com/. Another internet-direct speaker seller.