a little ludwig goes a long way: Super DVRs. Wow, Ludwig finds an article about DVRs that will let you preview three streams and record a bunch of others in the background.

3 responses to “Cool DVR from Scientific-Atlanta”

  1. Gear Live: Enter The High Tech Lifestyle Avatar

    Time Warner Explorer 8000 DVR Review
    This machine will forever change how you watch TV. That?s a pretty bold statement, I know. And to make things bolder: Since TV is so closely tied to our lives, this product will also change your life overall. There, I…

  2. Rich Tong Avatar

    I don’t know about this model. Sounds like a cool one though. I know Ludwig has the new Motorola PVR and thinks the user interface is just way to hard to use.

  3. Chris McCaw-Sinclair Avatar

    Who ARE you people and WHAT do you have to do w/ the Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8000 DVR???!!! lol :-D~ So, how does the Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8000 DVR compare to the Dish Network 510 DVR (a.k.a. Bell ExpressVu 5900 DVR)? We have Rogers Cable here in London, Ontario at the house and I’m curious how well it works. ULTIMATELY, I’d *love* to have an Explorer 8000 in the livingroom and a BEV 5900 in the bedroom. That’d be a cost of OVER $1000 (Cdn dollars)!!!

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