Well here they come, hat tip to my buddy Jeff for pointing this out to me:
* Toyota Prius is named best car of 2004 and one of the ten best by Car and Driver. More importantly, production goes to 150,000 units next year. Who would have ever guessed that!
* Lexus hybrid – RX400h. An amazing technical feat. This is a 40 mpg 4-wheel drive car. Features a electric engine in the rear so that it is a very neat way to be a hybrid.
* Ford to use Toyota components for the Hybrid Escape. Toyota really does have the lead here. Their small SUV, the Escape will become a hybrid in 2004.
* Toyota Highlander. Their truck-based SUV gets a hybrid version in early 2005.
What does it all mean for me? Well, that Lexus Hybrid or the Prius sure looks good to me 🙂

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