Funny thing about this months computer recommendations is that they are all for components you can’t quite get yet. So, here is the dream system:
* AMD Athlon 64 3200+ 939 Socket. Also known as the Newcastle. It only has a 512MB cache, but promises to be around for longer. Not shipping yet, should be in May.
* Hitachi 7K400 400GB Hard Drive. The next step up in density. A dream for all that video editing. Will be expensive, but the density is awesome.
* Western Digital Raptor “WD740GD”: OK I lied, you can get this one as a really fast system disk.
* VIA KT800 based “motherboard”: The newest one will use 1GHz Hyperchannel so be much faster. Want to make sure to get one that actually does lock AGP/PCI so you can overclock it well. Candidates are the update to the ASUS K8V and the Gigabyte GA-K8VT800 Pro.
* Double density DVD+RW. These will be 9GB per disk and fast too. Not sure when they are out though.
* 512MB x2 Corsair LLC ram.

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