More Advice for nVidia cleanup


eDimensional, the reseller of i-glasses had this to say about getting drivers to work:
# Go to nVidia "cleaner": and get the nvidia cleaner. This file will clean the drivers from your system. We have heard from other users that this program works well to get rid of any old drivers that are still on the computer.
# Once they are completely removed, go to
"3D Stereo 56.72": to download the 5672 stereo drivers from nvidia. Then go to "Forceware 56.72": to get the 5672 drivers for your video card.
# Install the video card, sometimes called Display drivers or Forceware drivers first. Once they are installed and you restarted, install the stereo drivers.

One Reply to “More Advice for nVidia cleanup”

  1. To rich and eDimensional,
    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS INFORMATION!!!! I’ve been having a dual monitor problem recently and I’ve tried everything (24 installs, reinstalls, driver purging, etc, etc). The stereo driver install fixed my problem. You’re my new heroes in cyberspace.
    May the karma of the world flow your way.

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