Mariners with the Kids


Seattle Safeco Field Advice. Some great advice about enjoying Safeco Field and the Mariners (even if they are terrible). Good points:
* In the outfield, there are three sections - the left and right field lower seats are reserved and are also $24. The left field bleachers are $13 and the center field bleachers are $7. Obviously seating preferences are different for every fan, but after seeing two games at Safeco, I would not recommend the lower outfield reserved seats - it's probably better to get the center field bleacher seats and spend the $17 you've saved on a beer and a hot dog while enjoying the game in the Bullpen Pub (a small restaurant located just beside the visitors bullpen - there are about 12 stools that face the field from behind the left field fence)
* If you want to see batting practice, get there 3 hours before game time and enter via the center field gate. You can also stand in the Bullpen BBQ and watch the game from straight away center field. For those of you hoping to get a baseball, stand in the right field stands during battin practice - there will be a few balls hit out, but make sure you have your glove.
* Two hours before game time, the entire park opens -now is the time to move to the dugouts to get some pictures and autographs.
* Parking is terrible, so if you live in the city, try to park in the International District on the east side of the stadium and walk, that way you'll avoid all the traffic trying to get on the I-5 and 99.
* Another interesting place to stand is called Lookout Landing, which can be found on the Upper Concourse above the Left Field gate. The Landing affords complete views of the stadium as well as great views of downtown and the Puget Sound.