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One of the hard things about the internet is making favorites really work well. When folks are on different machines, it is really complicated. It is too bad there isn't a central repository for folks settings for simple things like the links on a browser toolbar.
So instead, a blog is a good way to do. Here is a separate category i've set up for our grandparents that will help them to get the email and other thing they need without having to constantly recustomize. Also its a good way for me to change settings in one place rather than having to go to each and every machine:
# "Hotmail": Come and get your hotmail from this link.
# "Tongfamily Mail": Here's the way to get your private mail on tongfamily
# "King County Libary": The right place to check out books and things. Very convenient now.
# "Google": Here is Dad's favorite search engine.
# "Mapquest": Here is the best way to get directions.

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