Whither Transmeta


Transmeta Unveils the Efficeon. I admit it, Dave Ditzel is one of my heroes. In the old days when I worked on IC design and stuff, the guy is a legend. They just shipped their "90 nm":http://www.theregister.co.uk/2004/09/10/transmeta_90nm_chips_ship/ part.
I always wondered what happened to Transmeta, the ultralow power chip company. Kind of got rolled over with first Banias (Pentium M) and then Dothan, but interesting to see from this piece what they are up to.
Of course, there is a geek web site devoted to their chips called "Transmeta Zone":http://www.transmetazone.com/. August Capital is invested in a company called OQO (I know, what a name) that is doing a palmtop that is a full Windows PC as is Paul Allen, so that seems to be this chips destination. They have a good list of Transmeta "PCs":http://www.transmetazone.com/products.cfm too.
Main issue is that the Pentium M seems about the same performance at the same power consumption, which was kind of the rationale.