Red River Paper and ICCs


Inkjet Paper by Red River Paper. I've noticed folks on Nikonians and other enthusiast sites like to use Red River for their paper. They are a specialist site and even include ICC files so that when you print to their paper, you can use the exactly correct color matching.
They have a nice "tutorial": that explains how to use color profiles. The basic idea is that there is an .ICC file for every kind of paper from Red River and every kind of professional printer. That's because how the color comes out depends on both the printer and the way the paper absorbs the ink.
"Adorama": is another vendor that supplies ICC profiles for their Projet paper.

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  1. I’ve recently become a fan of Red River. Try ordering their sampler pack, and using one of the standard test print images like the one at
    They have a really nice selection of very thick matte papers which look great printed on my Epson 1280. Epson doesn’t have a good thick matte paper (although the velvet fine paper is very nice – just very textured).
    The results from the sampler pack were nice enough that I’m about to order a bunch of the 13″ wide paper I really like.

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