Well I’ve been struggling for days to figure out how to get PowerPoint to show a DVD fragment in slideshow mode. I just couldn’t get it to work. The movie would embed properly, but would not playback in place. You would have to launch a standalone viewer.
This is one case where google was absolutely no help. Here’s the answer.
To playback a DVD movie, you need an MPEG-2 decoder and this is typically not free because of licensing costs. Normally CyberDVD or WinDVD has a decoder and Windows Media Player then uses this decoder to to playback video. Problem is that these codecs don’t seem to play right in place.
Only way to make that work is by the magic of finding the Ligos decoder that is bundled in Video Explosion Deluxe seems to work for some reason.
There may be other mpeg-2 codecs that function well, but I haven’t had time to experiemnt well enough to know which ones work.

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