Forum Archive – DVD-Lab won’t create .IFO files!! (Yes, I’ve searched….)
I’ve been battling the same problem as this guy. There is a problem with this very nice tool called DVD-lab. Appears to have to do with demultiplexing files and something called a GOP size and whether it is closed or not…whew, now I know how newbies feel when I talk techie.
Read it a weep:
bq. The error appears to be related to GOP settings. Make sure you’ve encoded the file for DVD with CLOSED GOP’s and a MAX FRAMES IN GOP value of 18 (for NTSC) or 15 (for PAL).
bq. 18 (NTSC) or 15 (PAL) Frames in GOP are standard DVD limits. If a GOP has more frames than the standard allows, authoring programs will usually reject the file or return an error.
bq. Some authoring programs will also return an error unless GOP’s are closed. Closed GOP’s are the DVD standard, however, many individuals use OPEN GOP’s in order to edit the MPG or improve compression.
Well that was opaque 🙂 What I did was to use Tmpgenc 3.0 and have it produce an MPEG2 file with GOP closed whatever that means, then DVD-labs, demultiplexes it and it seems to work. What did not seem to work was to have tmpgenc create separate audio and video tracks by itself.

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