Hot phone on CDMA


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Many folks think this is the ultimate phone. The geek specs basically say that it support every major codec particularly HE AAC (3GPP compliant).
178x220 Pixel 16-Bit Color Main Display
MIDP 1.0.3
3GPP, 3GPP2, H.263 & MP4 Support (Streaming Video Codecs)
QCELP, AAC & AMR Audio Codec Support
Video Camera (25 FPS for Recording, 15 FPS for Streaming)

2 Replies to “Hot phone on CDMA”

  1. I’m learning way too much about all these codecs now that I’ve got my hands on a Treo 650. If only I could find a windows QCELP encoder, I might be able to encode some video with sound that could play back with the built in movie player.
    320×320 kicks butt any day.

  2. I agree, I can’t find an encoder for the Qualcomm proprietary QCELP format. I’m actually surprised that is all that it takes. I would have thought it would have taken a generic file since QCELP is really a specialized format. I don’t have a Treo 650 so can’t help you more. Sorry.

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