Making the transition at home from IE to Firefox and from Outlook to Thunderbird. Main issue of course is what happens with calendars. Good news is that there are quite a few applications that allow public mail access as showing from Using Gmail, Hotmail/MSN or Yahoo! Mail with Thunderbird. – MozillaZine Forums

2 responses to “Thunderbird to Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo”

  1. Rich Avatar

    I agree. Firefox is great but you are right some pages don’t render correctly. There is a good extension called view in IE that lets you flip back and forth easily.
    Thunderbird is great as you point out. It is mainly missing calendaring, but there is an extension that adds this.

  2. cechen Avatar

    Switched to Firefox (less popups and can exclude ads on webpages) and Thunderbird (Has good “Junk” mail filtering system) a while ago. Still have to use Internet Explorer from time to time, because activeX controls on some websites are tailored to Internet Explorer and to do not display well on Firefox which eliminates activeX functions. However, highly recommend Firefox (less popups and less spyware). Thunderbird is only OK, could stay with Outlook with calendars.

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