Cordless Drills


Choosing a Cordless Drills. My Dad still has the same drill he bought from Sears in 1965 and it still works.
I have an el cheapo drill that "Infoworld": gave me in 1999. Main problem is that the cordless ones die eventually. It has NiCads and they never last. Taking it apart, it of course uses some strange non-standard battery, so off to find another drill even though the rest of it is perfectly good.
As usual, the Internet and google reveals a great source of ratings:
* The main point is that if you are on a budget or don't use a drill much a corded drill is a good idea. Cordless is convenient but has less power and of course, the batteries die. The Sears Model 10105 (now superceded by the "10106": is $40 and works great.
* If you want a cordless drill, the higher the voltage, the more the power. You want at least 14V now. The 18V Skil 2884-04 is $120 and is a good buy for general purpose use. (now updated to the Skil "2887-05": at $77 from Amazon).
* If you want lights, the 14.4V 2884-04 came out well (now superceded by the "2587-05": at $66 from Amazon). It is much lighter at 3.5 pounds.