iPodder.org :. Had some folks in here who have done lots of traditional radio and other media, reminded me how much the ipod and digital are going to affect entertainment. Right now the big miracle is with a standard digital music platform out there (the iPod), folks are building a big infrastructure for you to select it. Its called Podcasting and the essential idea is to combine an iPod (or for that matter anything that can play audio) with RSS so that you can get notified of new music or audio from the blog world.
What's the net? well, now ifyou want to hear the latest Nascar event, plug your iPod into the dock and download it.
Here are some sites to try:
* "Ipodder.org":http://ipodder.org. Call it the portal for Podcasting, it broadcasts via RSS, new downloadable audio including comedy, radio shows, etc.
* "Podcasting.net":http://www.podcasting.net/. A good yahoo-like directory.
* "Podcastalley.com":http://www.podcastalley.com/. Another interesting directory.
In terms of software to use:
* "iPodder":http://ipodder.sourceforge.net/. The most popular version, I hear.