Finally got my first HTPC to boot. Main issue was a documentation one, which is that when you put the CPU in, you have to half turn a little screw otherwise, you put the whole thing together and it doesn’t boot!
See GamePC – Are You Game? – Dothan Delight : DFI’s 855GME-MGF Pentium-M Motherboard. The Socket-479m (mPGA-479m) CPU socket which the Pentium-M processor utilizes is a standard beige color (compared to the dark gray variant which AOpen utilizes). The CPU socket can be opened and closed with the use of a slim flat heat screw driver.
So how does it look so far? Well main problem right now is that I stripped some of the wires when I took it apart and these little connectors are tiny. I loosened two ground connectors for firewire and for usb 2.0.
Other thing is that the nVidia 6800GT is a *loud* card, its fan swamps just about everything else. Other issue is that the front panel doesn’t light. I think I have to tie the CPU fan to the front panel for it to report out.
Thanks to the folks at “Madshrimp’s Forum”:http://www.madshrimps.be/forums/showthread.php?pagenumber=1&threadid=11305 for figuring this out.
Final aside, Dan asked me why I’m playing and installing machines when you can get prebuilt. Main answer is that it is fun to hot rod. Clearly it is not economic to build your own computers and maintain them, but it is certainly a fun thing to do.

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