Recommended nVidia BIOS settings


_I'm sure no one really understands all these random settings, but here's a list of recommendations from nVidia itself_
There is no industry standard among motherboard manufacturers for BIOS options. Each motherboard manufacturer will feature different BIOS options which work best with their products. The following recommended settings are BIOS settings when used with NVIDIA based graphic cards. If these options are not present in your motherboard's BIOS, or differ in the way they are phrased, please consult with your motherboard manufacturer for further BIOS setting information:
Assign IRQ to VGA: Enable
PnP O/S Installed: Enable
VGA Pallet Snooping: Disable
PCI Bursting: Disable PCI Latency Timer: 128 Peer Concurrency: Disable
Video BIOS Shadowing: Disable
Video RAM Cacheable: Disable
USWC: Disable/UC
Pipeline Cache Write: Disable
PCI 2.1 Compliance: Enable (Only needed when using PCI graphic cards)
Passive Release: Enable
Delayed Transaction:Enable
VGA Boot Sequence:AGP (When using an AGP graphics card)
Graphics Aperture Size: 128MB (When suing an AGP graphics card)
AGP Turbo Read Mode: Disable
AGP Turbo Write Mode: Disable