Here's another fanless case that can use the Via Epia system. As I said before, if you can, wait for the upcoming new motherboard, the SP if you can. Should start arrving in early April.
Scythe's e-Otonashi fanless EPIA-M cooling case :: SilentPCReview.com. This is a a do it yourself kit that uses a heatpipe. Incredibly quiet particularly with a Fujitsu 2.5" drive. Apparently, these drives are really quiet. Just 21dBA at 1 meter away. Also reasonable price at $198 for the case. You can build a nice system for $600.
You can get it from "Scythe":http://scythe-usa.com or from the "Mini-ITX Store":http://mini-itx.com or "Directron":http://www.directron.com/otonashi.html