Office for the home


!>,175&QLT=67&CNT=1.1&FTR=3&COLORCALIBRATION=1.7&CVT=jpeg! MICROSOFT Office 2003 Student and Teacher Edition in Office Productivity Suites:. Hoops was asking what he does for his wife's Sony VAIO. They include an introductory version of Office Small Business Edition, but paying $250 seems a little strange for a machine that only cost $1800.
A couple of solutions. Brad, "John": and I all use the Office Student and Teachers Edition. $127 including shipping from J&R Music World. Legally licenses you to three machines for non-business purposes. It is really the standard edition of Office, so everything except Access. Good for most folks. That is even cheaper than the legal version from the Microsoft Company Store.
Another is that if you really just need to look at things and don't use every feature of Word, etc and don't need Outlook, then I've been trying "OpenOffice 2.0 Beta": Its free and probably good enough for the folks who are just doing small sheets, etc. The main issue is that their PowerPoint equivalent is hard for me to use and they don't have an Outlook that hooks to Exchange.