Budget Sempron 3100+ Palermo


X-bit labs - Articles - Another Gift to Overclockers: AMD Sempron 3100+ on E Core Revision (page 11). For budget folks a good choice is the new Sempron 3100+. Like the Venice core, this uses the Palermo core or the E revision.
It overclocks to 2.7GHz and is as fast as the big boys. The smaller 256MB L2 cache and the single channel controller don't really affect things. Here's a good budget system you can put together. The main drawback is that it won't 64-bit Windows (for those of you who need that 🙂
| Component | Price | Comment |
| Sempron 3100+( SDA3100AI03BO ) | $120 | Make sure to get the "BO" suffixed core, "BA are older |
| DFI LanParty UT nF3 250GB | "$101":http://www.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod.php/masterid=4335859/blsrt=1 | best overclocker |
| Crucial BL6464Z402 512MB | "$108":http://www.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod.php/masterid=3464312/blsrt=1 | Need to get to DDR600 at least |