Day out to Waimea


First, you visit the head up the Kamehameha Highway and visit the spot where the 1946 tsunami punched a hole in a rock. Awesome power and an amazing spot. It is just across from the Polynesian Cultural Center.
Then, Waimea Valley "Audubon": "Center":,+oahu/. Its a cool spot where you walk up half a mile to a great pool where you can go swimming. !>!
Lunch is down below. They have authentic root beer, "pineapple": and other sodas made right on the island. They make a whopping 300 cases a week in a single room at the "Waialua Soda Works": !Waimea Bay Beach Park, Oahu. !>! The end to a great day trip is to get to the Waimea beach. This time of year, it is more placid than a swimming pool, plus the Waimea rivers empties in so it is great for little kids. And also all the body builders and Marines that are taking the day off too.