!Topolino Technology : 700C Cincher Wheelset : Revelation C19. This is a long term road test report. After two years of riding these, I have to say they are really a miracle. They only weigh 1390 grams so are essentially the lightest clincher wheels around, but you can use them every day.
I had to true them once when I first started using them two years ago and now they are just a little bit out of true about 3,000 miles later. That is amazing for such a light wheelset.
They use carbon fiber with kevlar around them and you better hope not to break a spoke, but they seem super durable. The hubs click loudly, but otherwise work fine.
One of the few things in cycling is something that just works, plus is it kinda cool to get them from a two man operation running out of a barn in Connecticut. You can get these at Colorado Cyclist or on the site are a list of other folks who stock locally.