Lightman Strobe


!Bike Kits. Yet another long term test. I've been using these clipped to my Camelbak for three years now. They are xenon flashers that are 3M candlepower and can be seen from a mile away. A set of five gets used as emergency landing "lights": (I'm not kidding).
!>! They are big and heavy, but nothing can be better from far away. Alas, of the four that I have, one blew out, one now has a cracked battery holder and the other two have a broken back plate and I only have an amber one left.
Today, the newest choice is the same form factor but with "LED": flashers. The main advantage is that with two AAs, the Xenon might last 2 hours, wheresas the LED will alst 50 hours.
As a backup, the new el cheapo LED lights are not a bad choice. For instance, the Cat Eye "EL400": is just $34 has 3 white LEDs and with three AAAs, lasts 160 hours!