Bicycle Maps


Maps and Routes. As part of getting ready for the STP, it sure does mean that there are lots of routes to figure out. Here are some of the places to find routes:
* “Snohomish County”: A little hard to find, but these are the routes in Snohomish County. You get up there a variety of ways, but the easiest is to take the Burke-Gilman trail up to the top of the lake. Right at the Bothell rest stop, you go north on NE 175th, this takes you up through Woodenville to Fall City-Woodenville Road. A left on 165th will take up up into Snohomish County.
Another trick is to use routes that various rides have already marked. This is great because the road markers are still visible. So here are some centuries around town to add to the list:
* “Flying Wheels Century”: This is the classic century that folks use to prep for the one day STP. I’ve done this route quite a few times and it is great.
* “7 Hills of Kirkland”: This has lots more climbing, but this year they have the route for a century as well.
* “Chilly Hilly”: This is just 33 miles, but plenty of climbing.
* “STP”: One thing we like to do is to take pieces of the STP itself and train on them.