If you want to create your own geocaches from home without fancy GPS software how can you do it with Google Maps. Here’s how:
* Latitude and Longitude Search. This is an amazing site that when given a feature on a map tells you the latitude and longitude.
* “Google Maps”:http://maps.google.com/. If you feed google maps the decimal latitude and longitude, you can see where that spot is.
* “Gmap Extras!”:http://www.gnik.com/wiki/GmapExtras at “GoogleMaps”:http://www.gnik.com/wiki/GoogleMaps. This is a wiki that tells you how to putz with Google Maps. There is a script here that tells you the latitude and longtitude in Google Maps. It does require “Greasemonkey”:http://greasemonkey.mozdev.org/ installed into “Firefox”:http://firefox.com.
* “Directions”:http://www.directionsmag.com/latlong.php. You need this little tool to convert between coordinates that are given in minutes and seconds, minutes and decimal seconds and decimal degrees.
So to create what you need here is what you do once the above is installed:
# “Google Maps”:http://maps.google.com. Go to Google maps and type in the address where you are caching
# The toolbar will show you the actual decimal latitude and longitude where the cache is. You can save it right there or write it down and enter into your GPS. You can also save it as a Firefox bookmark for later use in a blog entry or whatever.

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