Light & Motion Vega


LED Lights – If you don’t have a light yet for your bike, then now is the time to get one. The new LED lights are a great compromise. For myself, I still like the incredible power of a HID 14 watt since it is just blinding, but the Vega is a more practical choice for most folks. Expensive yet, but convenient and durable. !>!
Over the years, different materials were used for batteries, bringing the weight down. Now that the weight is reasonable on most lights particularly the high endmanufacturers are looking at new and more efficient light sources to replace the aging halogen technology. First up were HID lamps. These offered increased light output for a given wattage, enabling l-o-n-g runtimes but at a price. The bulbs alone are in the $100 range for replacements. Now LEDs are coming on the scene in a big way. These aren’t the keychain lights that you can pick up for a buck; these pack real lumens and burn real Watts… Every light reviewed here uses Luxeon LEDs, made by Lumileds. Lumileds makes the highest lumen per Watt of any high power LED, the light they emit is clean and white to blueish-white, almost like a light purple. Really, they are the only choice for LED powered lights that you can see by and not just use to be seen.
The Light and Motion Vega is the least expensive high end LED light on the market. While other LED-based lights that are powerful enough to replace halogens range from $250 and up, the Vega comes in at $175
“Cyclingnews”: agrees with this assessment. It is 4 watt light that will last forever because LEDs are so efficient and decently bright.