Athlon X2 stress test


Back to getting my X2 overclocked configuration stable. Right now at 245MHz FSB x 10, I'm driving the CPU as hard as I can. I'm also now running at 5:6 multiplier to memory, so memory is now at 223MHz running at T1 2-2-2-6. So how do I test stability, well a single instance of Prime95, doesn't quite work right. You need two to run against both processors as described in PlanetAMD64 -> X2 stablitiy testing setup:
# Go download and install prime 95
# now create 2 shortcuts to the app and put -A0 in the shortcut path on one and -A1 on the other (ie "c:\apps\prime95\prime95.exe" -A0)
# now you can launch 2 instances of prime 95 at once, the A0 one tells the program to run on core 0 and A1 tells that copy to run on Core 1
# last part is you run a custom torture test only thing to change is to use about 40% of your total ram (a stanadard blend test uses 80%ish) on each instance of the program and tell it to start.