6800 GS

AnandTech: The Holiday Stop Gap: GeForce 6800 GS. Here’s another graphics card. It is as fast as the older 6800GT, but costs $100 less at $250 and still beats the latest ATI offerings, although they have some vaporware versions (the X1600) that will be competitive. By comparison, the top of line 7800GTX costs about $350 right now.
bq. The 6800 GS performs almost identically to the 6800 GT. The pipeline and clock speed differences seem to cancel each other out and give the 6800 GS quite a bit of punch for about $100 less than the 6800 GT. Not only this, but the 6800 GS handily beats out the X800 GTO and the X800 XL in this benchmark. With the GTO priced slightly lower and the X800 XL a little higher, the 6800 GS leads not only NVIDIA’s own camp, but ATI’s as well.

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